Digital identity and digital security

This topic focuses on how we present ourselves as digital identities for the world to see. As you know the internet is a free place, you can do anything you want on it and be anybody you would like to be on it. It’s not hard to change your identity on the internet. Managing your digital information online, really depends and underlies upon the information you give out about yourself online in the first place, if you’re giving out too much, you will eventually have no control over it (Howell, 2015).  Privacy is the main factor that should be focused on. If you don’t want the whole world to see what you like, dislike or post supposedly on ‘Facebook’ than you should probably think twice about putting yourself out there on public. That being said, as a professional person, knowing whatever you post on the internet, is not yours anymore (Jutt, 2010) you shouldn’t post anything you know isn’t appropriate or proffessional, could somehow be found by anyone, so be careful about that. Learn about the privacy settings you have been provided with in each website you use, and make good use of it.

It’s extremely important to teach your students how to become digitally safe when they use the internet. They need to be understand the consequences of their actions and be aware of what they do online, and how easily it can be spread around. As an educator, i will teach them information about warning signs and also recommend them on what they should and shouldn’t post/share online. i would also make sure they know their privacy settings inside, out.

Being a teacher is a very public job. Therefore it’s important to have a private account for everything and an account that is somewhat more public so your peers, students or anyone professional could contact you on. It’s quite essential you do that in order to have a separate life to your personal life so you don’t feel like you have devoted your life to one way of living. Remember your digital identity is how people will judge and see you, so an educator for me it’s important I am not giving out too much private information about myself on public accounts and not doing, saying or posting anything that could or may offend someone, because that is the main con about being public, you are a target to everyone’s emotions and your opinion’s or actions may not please everyone. Therefore precautions should be taken when you’re online, to avoid hassles, respecting yourself and other people online is the key to managing your digital identity,

Here’s a video on what is your digital identity,

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